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Tiny Goat was founded in 2012 to work with startups and small businesses on web apps, design and development. Since that time, we’ve learned a lot and grown in ways we might never have predicted.

In late 2014, we added working with non-profits and companies that are directly involved in creating public good to our mission. This decision has yielded some incredibly rewarding results—such as the ability to help one of our favorite local non-profits rebrand itself and reconsider how it works with the web. The non-profit community in Greensboro is a dedicated bunch, and working within it has helped Tiny Goat see a bigger picture.

Our purpose? To provide small companies and non-profits of all sizes with design and technology they can be proud of, and to ease the pain often associated with buying those services. We're also really good sounding boards, sanity checkers, and nudgers in the right direction. In short, we're passionate about what we do and we help our partners feel that way, too.


Better communication

We help companies think about their message, their technology and how they present themselves to a waiting world. We do this by creating brand identities and marketing systems that are consistent, creative, and effective—and by revealing the stories that might have gone missed.

Design thinking and development

Tiny Goat is also an authoritative source for development and design services. We still believe that design is a craft, and central to our existence is the ability to create totally custom web and mobile experiences for people, not just “users”. Our process encourages you to be involved in the complete act of creation, from the very first discussion on through the day to day delivery of code and designs.

Project Rescue, Integration

Often, we get asked to pull a project back from the brink of certain doom. We find that the availability of do-it-yourself tools and free trials can be empowering, but for all but the most dedicated they can also be overwhelming. We can get a project back on track, and provide a strategy for integrating off the shelf tools with our custom design and development. Expert knowledge and good advice gets derailed projects back on track.

Extracurricular Activities

Tiny Goat founded Code For Greensboro, a Code For America brigade that seeks to increase access to civic data. We create web and mobile apps for the community, create opportunities to galvanize civic engagement through hacking and technology—and cheerlead for our fair city. We invite you to read more about us here and to come join us for a meeting.

Our Team

Nick Jones

Developer & Designer

I started drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon. Drawing has lead to a lifetime of pursuing art—through illustration, photography and terrible paintings (you can't win 'em all). Later in life, it lead to designing with the Mac. That passion lead to yet another, which was designing and developing for the web and mobile devices. I've since had the opportunity to do all of these things professionally and have my work seen by thousands upon thousands of people.

Tiny Goat is a way to marry all of these passions together, and to use them to create things that weren't there before—and possibly leave a changed world behind when we're through.

Anita Cafiero

Developer & Community Manager

I spent fifteen years working in restaurant and hospitality management becoming a project and time management powerhouse. While serving my time in restaurant management I became a fierce advocate for clients and consumers. Three years ago, I gave into the career-change itch and dove head first into computer science and development.

Stepping into project management and development, I have remained a steadfast user advocate. I am excited about user research, making the trains run on time, and writing code. At Tiny Goat, my mission is to work at creating rewarding experiences for our clients and theirs while making the world a better place for my kids and yours.

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